What Does LTE Stand For : 4G and 4GLTE Difference

  Most of the people are using the internet on mobile phones. And you may have noticed that LTE technology is the most advanced and upgradeable technology from GSM and UMTS 3G  technology.


So what is the meaning of LTE, or what does lte stand for? LTE is the abbreviation of long-term Evolution; it is the most advanced and successor 3G technology.  Or you can call it 4G / 4th Generation Technology.

What does LTE stand for and what are 3G and 4G technologies

Almost ten years before, 3G technology introduced and brought a revolutionary change in mobile network speed and internet use. But with the passage of time, 3G technology goes behind the wall,  because of its so much user data requirements and speed.

Many reasons were responsible for the cause of its failure because users had required more internet data and better network speed. All 3G mobile companies are providing fewer data with high rates. And 3G  company had to cope with the need and requirements of high data users.

what does lte stand for

4G LTE Wireless Mobile Communication

  • After that here comes a significant change in mobile industry field when 4G LTE  introduced in 2011 by  ETSI (A project of European Telecommunications Standards Institute)
  • LTE is a high-speed mobile communication and advanced warless mobile technology, known as 4G used to transfer mobile data and data terminals on global world. It is projected and developed by 3G, A third-generation partnership project technology.
  • LTE based on GSM/EDGE and HDSPA/UMTS wireless network technologies. All these techniques used to improve the reliability, speed,  and network ability to improve system performance.
  • Now 4G technology has equally met the user requirements and internet surfing. Therefore, all mobile GSM companies are trying to upgrade their mobile communication process and wireless internet facilities to improve into 4G technology. Now 4G LTE is providing fastest internet all over the world. And 5G will be announced soon.


what does lte stand for

  • 4G LTE has a super-fast downloading speed of 40-MBS and uploading speed is about 30-MBS. If we compare the downloading speed of 4G LTE with 3g mobile technology and we will observe that 4G technology is much faster than 3G technology.And even more quickly than your home modem internet.
  • The upper layer of 4G LTE is base on TCP/IP (transmission control protocol-internet protocol), which can support all type of internet protocols. 4G LTE can support audio video and other types of data, I: E HTML web data and free messaging transmission.

Important things to be notice

However before buying a mobile sim card internet package or cell phone. You have to keep in your mind that,  there is a little difference between LTE technology and 4G technology.

And the difference is that LTE is the advanced long-term evolution, where’s 4G technology is the upgraded technology of 3G technology that called “HSPA” technology. And the upgraded version of the 3rd generation.

Therefore 4G technology is updated technology called “HSPA” and cannot be compared with 4G LTE. These two technologies have much difference between each other. However, sometimes mobile companies are trying to make fool that they are providing 4G connection facility to the customers. So it’s up to you to be smart and save yourselves from this kind of misleading advertisements and scamming promotions. 

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