Different Ways To Make Money Online from Internet

ways to make money online

Every person wants to know, that how many ways  to make  money online  with quite efficient and effective ways . We also know that internet world is full of scams. There are many companies which provide ads publishing facilities  for you. But most of them are not paying you. They steal your money and run away .First, they show you some dollars that you have earned after that the saying you to invest some more money and in this method, they steal your money and your dollars that you have earned by displaying ads of their companies.


Work At Home



There are various ways to make money online but I suggest you to use Google absence. Google absence is the world no 1 advertising company. which allow you to display his ads on your website, blog , and YouTube. when a user clicks on the ads google give you 68% revenue of his share. in this way you can generate the great amount of money from google absence.

  Methods to earn with google Adsense


First of all the best way to generate income with google Adsense you will need a  unique website with very powerful niches and unique content. and a very powerful domain name. remember that your domain name similar to your website data for example if you are making a website on games than your domain name should include a game name like www.addictinggames.com/ not best enjoy or any other name. more ever if you are making a website for business then your  domain name should be like www.businessinsider.com  like this you can use a similar name and it is also good for your website SEO

the method of earning by website AdSense is simple

adsense ads

after completing website you can send your request to  google to give you Adsense account if your website eligible for  all the terms and conditions then google will give you Adsense account.

see the terms and condition here.




ways to earn from blogging

Blogger is the second method to earn money from Adsense. If you are a beginner  in web field, then I suggest you to first start a blog work on it then you can buy a domain and create your desired website. Earn money from blogging is simple it is just like a website. There are many companies that are providing  blogging facilities, but the two main and famous sites for are

BLOGGER (by google)




both are very famous and are easy to build and made  a good website.


ways to make money online

YouTube is another way to earn money from the  Internet. it is the second method to earn money from google Adsense. YouTube gives 55% share of videos that you have shared. there are three methods to earn money from YouTube.

First videos that you are shared on YouTube gives you 1 dollar per 1000 views. But be safe don’t use other copyright videos it will make some trouble for your account may be your account will be terminated or banned permanently. Then there will be no chance to get back your account or channel.

The second method is ads behind in your video if you are visiting YouTube  daily. you have noticed running ads before and after YouTube videos in this method people who click and watched these ads give money to YouTube and his video publishers.

be safe and don’t click your own ads while playing your videos or check status or comments on your video google will not feel any kind of hesitation to band your account.

The third and very safe method are affiliate marketing you can give and paste your product link in the description or in comments and earn money from that method. you can sign up on amazon or ClickBank or much other online selling websites which provide user to sell products and get commissions.