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Medical University of south Carolina in United Setate

medical university of south Carolina

The medical university of south Carolina is one of the oldest universities in United state. It  was it built-in 1924? At the beginning, it was formed as a private institution in south Carolina city. The school building map was designed by Albert Todd.  The university is specialized in the different medical institution.


Department  history of medical University of south Carolina

There are many departments in MUSC i.e department of nursing, Department of  pharmacy, department of graduate studies, department of dental medical, department of medical health, and many other related to the medical institution. These departments are integrated with the medical university of south Carolina.

Medical University of south Carolina

Department of Pharmacy


The department of pharmacy in the medical university of south Carolina was built-in 1881. It was the first pharmacy institute in the deep south. After two-year of closing in 1881 , the institution was  reopened for students for all time.  After then department starts giving the degree to their bachelor of medical science students.  There were many ups and down in the department of pharmacy. Finally, the college was integrated to MUSC in 2004 and its first matriculation class was started  in 2009.

Department of Nursing

medical university of south carolina

The department of nursing in MUSC was made in 1882. It was used and  build for the training school of  nursing staff to  the city hospital. It was opened in 1883 but unfortunately, it was destroyed in 1886 during an earthquake. Then it was rebuilt in 1896 as the name of Charleston training school.  In 1976 the college starts training three-year program and after that, they started four-year degree of bachelor in B.S in  medical nursing.  Now the department of nursing is providing to the different type of Master degrees. These are  doctor of philosophy, and doctor of nursing.

Health Profession Department



The college of health department was found in 1968 before it was a school called allied health science. It was organized for students to give them technical training. In 1968, the school has started giving bachelor degree for its medical students in  different subjects. These fields were related to radiology. cardiology, biomedicine, genetic, and many other related to the medical bachelor degree. The college name was changed both in 1986 and then it change in 1993 called health profession college. The college is now providing 8 different types of degrees in the medical field. And college also has 50 years of his success and progress behind him. A large number of students are also enrolling in the college campus. College is included on three different departments. These departments offer a degree in bachelor of science and Master degree in the health profession.

 Department of Medical Center

The department of the medical center  in medical university of south Carolina was  built in 1834 in united state.  It was the first medical center college in the united state. Usually, it was built for teaching classes. This college was built to meet the requirements of the teaching staff. And it was the first and only college that was built in Carolina to investigate the  disease and to diagnose  them. Finally, college and clinic name was changed to Medical university of south Carolina.  The name was changed because of its wide range facilities and his many departments. Now medical department divided into three different medical departments the subcategories  of medical department. These are university hospital, department of children and institute of psychiatry.