What is the Main Difference Between Website and Webpage

The question arises that is there any difference between website and webpage. Website and web page are two different things, and there is no wide difference between website and webpage. The website is a combination of many webpages .


Main difference  between website and webpage

Before going to check out the difference we must know that what is a website mean and what does a webpage role in a website.

What is a Website?
Difference Between Website and Webpage

A website included on hundreds and thousands of webpages, and  these webpages are containing useful information. A huge amount of data that had been published on different web pages is called a website. For example, you may have visited Wikipedia many time a day or in a month. And you have noticed that there are many internal links and webpages in Wikipedia. No doubt that Wikipedia is a global informative site. A website has the following attributes.

  1.  A website included on the different webpage that or containing information about a specific keyword. A Website used his own domain address like www.wikkimedia.com or www.google.com.
  2. A website included on content which is different from other websites. According to  google policies, a website content must be unique and contain useful information
  3. A website is included on different information like audio, video, pictures, text, etc. And normally website has all of these content which is  used to display on a website.
  4. A website included on the following parts, I.E header, footer, main menu, post menu, slides, bottom post menu and many other related according to website theme settings.

A website has the following categories, and these are


AMAZON:                               Selling and purchasing

FACEBOOK:                           Social media website

WIKIPEDIA:                          An informative site.

Business insider:                   For business information and instruction

What is a Webpage

difference between website and webpage

A webpage included on a specific keyword, for example, if you are searching for  a college in Washington state or any other in the world related to your search _ then google will suggest some webpage containing related information from different  websites about your  search. These keywords are like a specific webpage that contains related information about that keyword. A website may contain hundreds and thousands of keywords. A webpage has the following attributes:

  •  A webpage contains information about a specific niche or keywords and this  webpage is normally connected to the other webpages like menu bar sub -categories. 
  • The webpage is  used to display the content on a website and that  content included on a specific keyword for a particular purpose. 
  • The one thing which  is noticeable that a webpage address depends on website address. And webpage address is used after the URL of main website name.
  • For example, if you are searching for  a keyword on Wikimedia like best places to visit in California, then webpage URL will show like this. www.wikkimedia.com/best places to visit in California  and thats called  webpage URL.



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