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How to Make Money as a 13 Year Old Without a Job

how to make money as a 13 year old

Making money is not so difficult as it seems, It is possible for every hardworking person. There are hundred and thousand of ways now a day for a 13 or 14-year-old boy to generate income from the internet and other resources. So the question is how to make money as 13 year old?


Jobs for 13-year-olds old via  youtube

No doubt that youtube is a grand place for newbies to generate real-time income. These days every little child aware the name of YouTube and hopefully he is fully mindful of the fact that how to generate revenue with Youtube through original content. Now most of the teens are making money through their channels, and they fully understand this and try their hand at becoming YouTube famous at some point in their teen life.

Why won’t we succeed?

Hard work is the key to success when someone is failing in any mission or goal in our life; it doesn’t mean that there is any other solution remaining. Life is the name of ups and down.It’s simple, if you’ve got a little attention on work, then high chances that you’ll give up before you get any success like YouTube famous.

How to Make Money as a 12, 13 and 14 Year Old with a blog?

how to make money as a 13 year old

  • Pick a particular task like football or your favorite game, i.e.,
    GTA 5 create a video on a particular niche and stick with it.
  • Find people who do the same work and get thousands of views for it.
  • Copy their editing, video style and content.
  • Write long descriptions on all your videos.
  • Upload new content with high quality every day.
  • Teach the people who watch your videos something useful.
  • Use social media for sharing your content.
  • Create Facebook page similar to your youtube channel.

Just follow these methods for the next 3 to 6 months, and you’ll start seeing a massive growth in your channel. But in all of that, you will have to be patient because there are no shortcut methods, and I recommend you not to follow any blackhat methods to increase channel views and subscribers. Adsense will be disabled  if you do not follow AdSense terms and condition policies. I know that 3 to 6 months are a long way for you, But I promise that it might seem like a long time now, but it will fly by, and you’ll start creating Adsense revenue within the first to two months.

If you love writing, and enjoy while writing then you can create a blog easily. It doesn’t have to be about your personal life; it can be about gaming, movies makeup, fashion, clothes, news, tutorials, even money-making tips->).

It’s simple, and in these days age you don’t even have don’t even have to be worried about coding and formulas and even a personal hosting website. You can get tons of informative help about specific niche from google, youtube, and related sites.
For more information watch this video

After watching this video, you will acutely aware that how you can easily create a new blog on WordPress with free of cost. Finished. After that, when you will complete those steps which take around 10 minutes your blog will be ready for posting. Now you are ready for blogging on. You don’t have to be worried about anything. There are lots of videos on youtube about WordPress, that how to use it.

Some valuable Tips

  • Start creating high-quality content every day.
  • After 4 to 6 months you can apply for AdSense.
  • Install Adsense codes on your WordPress blog.
  • Share your post and content every day to increase visitors.
  • Also join social media plugin to achieve more visitors.
  • Use affiliate networks like Amazon or CLICKBANK you’ll get up to 10 TO 40% + for
    selling someone  product.

Earn Money by Selling Amazon products

how to make money as a 13 year old

Now you can generate a real income through selling Amazon and eBay products, and if you’re interested in making cash, then this method is better. Sign up to Amazons/eBay’s and Clickbank affiliate programs. That allow you to sell any kinds of topic or any product on Amazon/eBay without having to own, ship or provide to customers.

All you do is send embed your affiliate product code on your blog, after that they will go through your link, anything they buy on Amazon/eBay for the next month you can get 7 to 30% commission. You can select product related to your blog. Or anything that thousand people willing to buy on Amazon/eBay from your affiliate link.

Make an active and sufficiently informative post on your particular product, and within the next month, then you will get a percent of. It’s that simple. IN my opinion, this is a bit too advanced for the average 13-year-old, or 14-year-old boy or girl but there’s no reason why you can start now and learn how it’s done so you can profit better income in the next years.



If you have some professional experience in logo making, or simply if you have some little experience in any field of internet, then you can start your income. But how is that possible? I think you heard about a site called Fiverr? For those of you who haven’t, it’s a site where you get paid $5 to do little tasks. These tasks can be as simple as writing, speaking, proofreading, giving advice, graphics design, data entry WordPress, social sharing, etc.

But how to make money with that?

how to make money as a 13 year old
On Fiverr, you may earn four greenbacks in keeping with the gig. Essentially, a concert fees 5 dollars, but Fiverr will charge you 1 dollar for supplying the platform to make money. Now, the essential factor that most people fail to look over at the same time as handing over a gig is the time they’re spending on a particular concert. You have to be capable of delivering a gig without losing your time or spending too much on a gig.

For example, you take an editorial of 1000 words; then it’s far apparent which you could have to spend a good sized amount of time on this article and ultimately, all you’ll be getting is four dollars. So, you ought to preserve the time spent on a task in thoughts when you take a Fiverr gig. To maintain it easy, you need to simplest take those gigs that you are at ease with and which you could perform repeatedly. What you have to do create a gig that offers your service. People do buy these gigs, and I also have made money using Fiverr. And you also earn a lot of money through Fiverr.

Make money by Selling Unwanted Items

how to make money as a 13 year old
Think about around yourself where you live and where are you sitting now. You will see a lot of things even your home that you don’t have necessary. Sell your unwanted items. You can also sell items on Amazon, EBAY, and CLICKBANK. These Items could be (like as books you have that are not in your use or you have already read them, vintage items and those things that you don’t want to use them again and-and again sell online through these websites. You can often find fresh. Ask your mom and dad to find some free time one Saturday to help you hunt for vintage finds in your area.