Difference Between Oral b 1000 and 3000 Electric Brushes

There is a long discussion about oral b electric  toothbrushes and the similarities between oral b electric toothbrushes and today we talk about the difference between oral b 1000 and 3000 and some benefits of  electric toothbrushes.


what are the Benefits of  electric toothbrushes

difference between oral b 1000 and 3000

  • To brush your teeth with electric toothbrush is now more easy reliable and efficient way in these days instead of making manual way.
  • Many kinds of electric toothbrushes are available now in the markets, with different categories and names, but oral b electric brushes are effective and reliable to use.
  • There are lots of  electric toothbrush products that oral b has launched, that available in markets and some online shopping websites like amazon. When you brush your teeth with an Oral-B electric toothbrush, then you will do more for your mouth health instead of making manual  teeth cleaning process.
  • It sweeps away plaque cleans your teeth better , and helps you better take care of your teeth and mouth health. All of this  done only by pushing a button.

 Oral b 1000 vs 3000

difference between oral b 1000 and 3000


Sometimes you think and compared between of them that,  what would be the best choice  for you? like if you choose electric toothbrushes for your daily need and routine, therefore, you choose the best product that suits you and according to your desire and work helpfully . So the best features and some amazing features are here,

Oral-B 1000 model has only one brushing mode that is the Daily Clean Mode, Both seems to be similar brushes.

difference between oral b 1000 and 3000
OralB 3000 has three type of cleaning modes which are, Daily Clean, Sensitive gentle cleaning sensitive teeth and gums, and third is extra whitening care of mouth health. Both brushes use advanced electric oral b technology and  generating 8900 Symmetrically in  60 seconds.The only difference is  the number of pulsations in 60 seconds.

Which one should you get?

Basically, there are 2 differences, 3 brushing modes vs 1 mode and bundled brush head storage box The price depends on the extra brushing items which are extra brushing mode. and for this, we have to pay a premium for the 2 extra brushing modes and brush head box. That’s  it.

If you have sensitive teeth and you need a Sensitive brushing mode, we recommend you to choose the 3000 oral B model. However if you don’t need theses extra features you can buy the OralB 1000. Another difference is  the number of pulsations in 60 seconds. However, if we can compare  there is difference is that 3000th model makes 40,000 pulsations per minute while 1000 model makes 2000 pulsations per minute.  So buy today and feel the benefits of an electric toothbrush from Oral-B.




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