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  • About Southwest Mississippi Community College

    Southwest Mississippi Community College

    The southwest Mississippi community college is a 3-year community college in summit, Ms serving pike, Mississippi. The college is providing many technical and sports degrees. I.e academic transfer courses, career technical programs, work face technical, athletics programs and many other. Brief history of Southwest Mississippi Community College The college is connected  with other south community […]

  • Medical University of south Carolina in United Setate

    medical university of south Carolina

    The medical university of south Carolina is one of the oldest universities in United state. It  was it built-in 1924? At the beginning, it was formed as a private institution in south Carolina city. The school building map was designed by Albert Todd.  The university is specialized in the different medical institution. Department  history of […]

  • Best undergraduate Business Schools in United States

    Best undergraduate Business Schools

    Many undergraduate business schools, colleges, and universities, provide the facility and a chance to become a  bachelor  in business administration. There are many institutions  that provide students to get admission in business administration. These institutions are also  called business administration, business in school, business management, and  business establishment etc. A bachelor  degree  in business administration […]

  • Best Colleges in California state

    Best Colleges in california

    Many students want the best colleges and universities for  studying in California. And many of them want to know that which  college or universities is providing the best education system?.  There are  400+ colleges and universities in  California state. And no doubt that, all of them are having the best and advanced education  system. Therefore many […]

  • Famous and best Places to visit in California beaches

    Best Places to visit in California

    If you want to enjoy your summer or winter vacation  in California. And looking for some picnic or spending your vacations. Then  there are many places that you can find to get joy and recreation. So now let’s pack your bags and let’s go for   some best places to visit   in California. Laguna […]

  • What is Asbestos and why it is so harmful


    Asbestos is a combination of 6 fiber minerals .  It is  found in green, blue, gray, white, and red colors.   is classified into 6 subcategories. Like  crocidolite, anthophyllite,  tremolite, amosite, actinolite, and chrysolite.  It does not burn and occurs in rocks and soil. One asbestos stone contain million of microscopic fibers . It is heatproof  and […]