Best Disk Recovery Methods to Recover your lost data

Disk Recovery

Disk recovery is an important task to recover data. There are many types of software  used for disk recovery. Normally when our  computer data is lost or deleted completely. Or sometimes our removable media like USB or SD card is crashed due to some reasons. whatever there are many tools and methods to recover data and backup.  Hard Disk is an important component of  any computer system. Because all system information is stored in computer hard drive . All CPU working and processing is done and save in hard drive . First  CPU processes get data from hard drive and then process it and then give output.All data is stored in hard drive  after processing. Hence all processing and whole work are saved in hard drive. But sometimes hard disk is crashed due to some technical reasons or stop working . Sometimes, users, whole data is deleted due to some reasons. Mostly new users think that they are now unable to restore or get back their deleted  and very precious data. However don’t be worried because there are many  suggestions for  disk recovery and other hard drive problems. In which we will tell you how to recover your data from hard drive.

Disk recovery Tips

Disk Recovery

There are many software and tools for disk recovery. Hard disk or hard drive data lost due to these reasons

  • Sometimes users delete their data 
  • Due to some technical reasons, hard drive stops working or crashed
  • Or sometime high voltage or other factors like dust, heat, and water can  damage the  hard drive 

Various methods can bring your data back, and can recover your hard drive. There are many tools and software to recover  data. Many types of software are available on the internet you can download and install for your personal use.


disk recovery

Recuva is a  free software to recover deleted  files. Such as audio, video, JPEG, PNG, images PDF files etc. It’s the best tool to recover  deleted files and programs. The capacity of Recuva to recover files is maximum 2 to 5 GB.


disk recovery

Test disk  is  the best software to recover  lost data from hard disk partitions. It can run on different operating systems like windows mac, sun OSD. It can perform different tasks such as

fix deleted and lost partitions.

it can fix recover and backup FAT files.

Mostly test disk is used for FAT files and their programs.

Pandora recovery

Pandora  used to recover deleted files. It also available in  free and paid versions. It can recover data from USB, SD card and from the secondary drive. you can get back your data by using Pandora recovery.

Wise data recovery

disk recovery

Wise data recovery software   is  used to recover deleted media  files and documents. Wise data is the most commonly used programs. Mostly its runs on window and MAC. Wise is a free tool to recover files from hard disk partitions and from other removable media.

Data recovery wizard

disk recovery

Data recovery wizard is the most amazing and very powerful software to recover  deleted media.  It can recover crashed or removed  data. It recovers data from corrupt  SD cards and hard drives.